Sunday, August 24, 2008


There are a few things that i just love and can never have enough of when it comes to crafting! Of course being a knitter, first would come yarn. No matter how much i already have, i still want more! The types and colors are endless!

Fabrics come in to a close second i must say. I never really bought nor "collected" fabrics til recently and started making more bags and clutches. But now i just cant get enough! Stripes, Solids, Polka dots, flowers, mod, retro, vintage, Japanese, just fabric! And, love love love Amy Butler. But then again, who doesn't!

But! my new found favorite is Buttons!!! Love Buttons! Old ones, new ones, big ones, small ones, bright ones, shiny ones, vintage ones, just buttons! What i am most amazed at though, are the handmade buttons! i never, til etsy, even knew about handmade buttons! And of course the talent on etsy is just endless!

One shop i came across recently, ButtonBliss, has just gorgeous handcrafted buttons that just make you drool! Here are some of my favs from her shop; including this Purple Button, is just gorgeous, made out of porcelain

Moving on to another total favorite, someone who handpresses her own czech glass buttons, Crazycakes. Simply beautiful buttons! From her Dragonfly Buttons (my personal fav) to these beautiful lime green czech glass buttons. But check out her shop, she has so many more than just these two, that are all equally if not more stunning!

Creamrose is another etsy shop i just love! She makes the most adorable and cute fabric covered buttons! These ever so adorable Japanese covered buttons are one of my favs of hers. How can you not smile when looking at these cute cute buttons! Can't you just imagine all the different ways you can use them? on cute bags, or to accessorize a little girls dress or shirt? She has so
many like these and so many others in her shop, too cute to pass up!

Of course i could not do a blog about buttons without some kind of tribute to vintage, since vintage buttons really are my true favorite! I think it's my favorite because they are big, chunky, funky shaped, and soooo different from any buttons commercially made today! VintageNecessities has this awesome lot of Vintage buttons that just about shows how great old buttons really are! Such an vast variety! The colors are so rich and the variety so grand! I would love to own them all!

There are truly so many i would love to share here with you all! But i am going to try and narrow it down a bit, that way you can have the pleasure of searching on etsy yourself to see what goodies you come across!


Brandon said...

Who doesn't love buttons? I know I'm alway on the look out for some.


Rachel said...

Love the Czech glass buttons!

Vanessa said...

Beautiful buttons!!

~ alison said...

omg. The little rabbit buttons are too cute!

thecozyloft said...

I LOVE buttons!! They are so much fun and so unique. I have some that I couldn't bear to part with!! LOL!!

Great post, MK!!