Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Undiscovered Series Part 1 - Meet Boris - err umm Rather Meet Sebold!

This is Boris! I came across this cute critter while wondering around in Pounce. He immediatly caught my eye! First off i love all things felt! its kind of my new craft i have been learning, so i have a tremendous amount of admiration for anyone who can create hand felted items. Boris is spectacular! He is a "Filzkin" as described in his listing. Created from natural merino wool dyed all in one piece. He is all wool, no stitches, no seams, no stuffing!

"Boris is a bouncing ball on legs. He jumps and bounces on his slipper feet or slides along at high speed. He’s a perpetual teenager, and a bit silly and annoying at times. He particularly irritates Mr McKarr." (as taken from his description)

Seboldoriginals makes all kinds of wonderful "Filzkin" creatures! All unique, original and truly adorable!

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