Friday, August 15, 2008

Undiscovered Series Part 3 - Sparkflight

So i hope you have been enjoying this Undiscovered Series so far! Welcome to Part 3! Ok now how cool is this! Called Coffee Man ( rightfully so as we can see!) made by Sparkflight, is this not the neatest thing ever!

Coffee Man is an original life-sized human wire sculpture! Quoted from the description: "Need some quiet company with your morning coffee? This barefoot guy in jeans and a t-shirt is the silent type, but will bring a smile to your face." And truly when i discovered him through Pounce, he did make me smile! I had never seen anything quite like this!

He apparently measures about 47 inches tall and is said to be that of a 5 foot 10 inch man! truly life sized!

Sparkflight also has many other very cool wire pieces! Including one of my other favorites of hers, the Red Cardinal, and this amazing one called Mother Nature.


UxCritter said...

That is the coolest thing ever!!! Thanks for bringing this series to light MissKnits.

Ruth said...

I was stunned and delighted to find my shop on your blog; what a frabjous day! Thank you tons and tons!

Rachel said...

Very cool! It reminds me of George Segal's life size plaster sculptures.

Bora said...

Hi there, I'm a South African Art student and would love to chat with you about your sculpture