Thursday, October 9, 2008

Totally Treasury Thursday

So since i was unable to snag a treasury this morning, to my own fault of actually getting up to get a drink! stupid me! lol missed by a hair! I thought it would be fun to show "snippets" of a couple of beautiful Autumn themed treasuries instead! So here are some sneak peaks at a few i loved and hope you will go show them some love!

This first one is called Sun, Shadowland, Autumn by cherielester. I just loved all the colors and variety she chose! Simple, Subtle, but Stunning!

This next one is done by KarmaRox called Autumnal Glory - and i think the title says it all! Just Beautiful!

This last one grabbed my attention right off! The Colors are vivid and bright and perfectly autumn! MountainMist did an awesome job creating this treasury, called The Splendor of Autumn.

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Anonymous said...

These are just lovely mk! I enjoyed looking at them - you always have such an eye for treasuries!!