Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Tie Cuffs

Well, for a change of pace i'm actually highlighting one of my own items today! I dont do it, really at all, but i really love how these new Tie Cuffs are turning out, i just had to share! So far i have only listed 2 of them, but be sure there are many more to come!

I have to thank my dad too, since he was gracious enough to part with a lot of his old ties. I couldnt believe he was willing to give me such beautiful ties too! What a good dad i have!

But they are all 100% silk ties, all in excellent condition! So many styles and colors and patterns, its been a lot of fun going through them all, planning out how to make each cuff. I also plan to make a Tie Purse here soon too with some of them.

I love the colors on this one above specifically! And the vintage button just seemed to really match it perfectly! Navy blue base, with teal and purple flowers and gold pattern, its really quite cute!

This one, perfect for guys or girls, is wider, which is fun! In marroons, gray gold and teal! Again i adorned it with a fun brass vintage button.

You can find these in my etsy shop, as well as many other styles of cuffs! More to come too! I also welcome custom orders, just let me know!


Pink said...

I finally had someone buy some of my tie cuffs, perhaps they're getting trendy and you'll have a best seller on your hands! It is such a nice way to use those beautiful old ties!!

Jess said...

Very cool! And a great idea :)