Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Winter Contest Entry!

Yep, we are at it again! lol Did you ever doubt Sarah and i wouldnt do a Winter Contest??? lol Sooooo Here's my entry to the Wintertime Holiday Frostivities Contest on Etsy.

I didnt get to do what i had planned, the week was too crazy hectic, but i still think it turned out pretty cute!

It can be a cute lil bag for a lil girl, tote around all kinds of things! Orrrr, It can be a fun decorative wall hanging! You can even use it as a Candy Cane Holder! (my favorite way to use it!) Or be extra creative and stick your gift inside it and use it as a fun way to present a fun little christmas present this year!

So if you want to be extra nice this holiday season come vote for me! Just go here and heart the item!

To check out all the entries go Here. They are all awesome!!

I'll be blogging more about the other entries as the week goes on!

Voting ends on the 19th! Come say hi in the thread here, we will be giving out random prizes all week long to people who post! So you could win too!


Michelle said...

soooo adoarable!

Anonymous said...

i think this is absolutely adorable!! and PERFECT for this contest!! ((((hugs))))) Rhonda

Waterrose said...

that is so cute! Happy holidays!

Kitty said...

Very cute! :) Where do you find Contests like that? I'd love to have a challenge or a reason to create something new and different (other than just pure creativity)... are there any others coming up? Can you let me know? Thank you!!