Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentine's Day Contest Entries! Come See and Vote!

Welcome to our First Handmade Valentine's Day Contest! Yay!!

Thanks to everyone who has helped out ( round of applause to my cohort Sarah especially!) And a big Woot Woot to all those who entered!! Its been such fun seeing all the entries get posted! Below you will see all the entries posted (as of right now - though there might be some late comers) They are pictured exactly in the order that they are listed in the voting thread to make it as easy as possible!

To vote, simply heart the item! Thats it! Just Heart it! You may vote/heart more than one entry! (i know i will be!) and be sure to check out our voting thread all week ! We will be giving out lots of random prizes to just anyone who chats and posts in the thread. So yes, anyone could win a prize! Below are just a couple of prizes that are going to be given out. But there will be lots more! ( you will have to come to the THREAD to find out though :D )

Here are the actual entry links in order as pictured above:


1. missknits -
2. bitsfrommissknits -
3. sarahinflorida -
4. theknitbrit -
5. fuzzylumpkincrochet -
6. creativeborders -
7. chickscratch -
8. kimsbeads -
9. giggle47 -
10. boutiquepillows -
11. thecozyloft -
12. sunraven0 -
13. leogistic -
14. cahabaconfections -
15. jessejanes -
16. elizabear -
17. Krishenka -
18. zappyturtle -
19. spiritedwoodland -
20. liquidsabre -
21. lizardqueenjewelry -
22. CreationsbyChristina -
23. gopita -

Thanks all For Voting!! And Don't Forget to Come Hang out with us Here for more Fun!!



Anonymous said...

What AWESOME entries!! I can't wait to see who wins. MK - you ROCK for doing all this. What a most excellent hostess and promoter you are! ((((hugs))))

jazziesjunque said...

Love #3. They all are wonderful tho. Gonna be hearting somne more.