Monday, March 23, 2009

Awesome Contest!!!

Ok so i am a little late in blogging this! but you still have today to enter!!!
The Carried Away Team is sponsoring one heck of an awesome contest/giveaway!
And, its pretty easy too! All you have to do is find the hidden shamrock picture or the phrase "Bag of Luck" in one of their shop item descriptions/pictures! Find all 26 and you get entered for the grand prize of 6 (that's right 6!!!) prizes!

But don't have that much time?? Just find one to enter for the chance at a prize! Or follow their blog HERE, blog about the contest like i am doing, or make a purchase from one of their shops for a chance to win too!

I think it ends today, so you still have time to play!!! So go on... you know you want to! i mean who doesnt love prizes!!!

And, i found some awesome new favorite shops along the way too!! Go check them out HERE


Anonymous said...

Your title has it right! That is an awesome contest!! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Cherry Lane Jane said...

cool contest!

Michelle said...

that rocks! Thanks for that!

Hope you are doing well!!!