Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Handmade Easter!

So if i had the money (and the kids! lol) I would totally do a 100% complete Handmade Easter!
Unfortunetly i dont have any money, and yep kidless! lol in fact this Easter, because i am still sick *cough cough sniffle* it will be just me, the sofa, and good ol netflix!

But! I couldnt help but fall in love with some of these awesome Etsy Easter items!

Of Course, you have to have your Easter Basket!! Isn't it lovely? Made by BasketsbyShar

Now the really fun part! What do we fill it with???

Who would have thought, there is actually Easter Grass (made by oodlekadoodleprim )on Etsy! Now, we are talking!

Ok, now the really fun stuff!
Gotta have eggs right?!How about some really cute crochet eggs by maryellenscrafts? adorable!

Or how about these cute eggy soaps by anniepoo?

Or if you want to really go all out, get one of these incredibly amazing decorative eggs from savoystudio wow!

Ok enough eggs! i don't know about you, but growing up i always had fun little toys and a stuffed animal in my basket!

awww wooky the bunny from zygopsyche 's shop!! Sooo cute and fuzzy! I bet soft too!

Or, maybe you'd prefer this adorable Easter chic by slugwork instead?? I just wanna squeeze him!
And of course something fun to play with all day! Like this very creative and clever magnetic fishing set made by uppercasecomma! Such Fun!

Now to the really really important stuff! Candy!! You gotta have candy in your Easter basket! i mean come on!! And, i was truly amazed at how much is on Etsy! Just feast your eyes on some of these....

Cute fabric carrot filled with yummy candies by ohhoneysweeties!

Of course you gotta have your peeps!! These chocolate covered ones, made by suziesconfections, look yum!!!!

Of course you must add some of these delish easter egg cookies from sugarandflour! They look almost too cute to eat though!
And, of course your basket is not really an Easter Basket without a chocolate bunny!! And, i love this one, made by mandiescandies, cause you can fill the inside with even more goodies!!

So, what would you put in your Etsy Easter Basket??


Hollyrocks said...

I'm loving your Easter finds! I can feel you on being kidless. Usually, I'm happy about the fact that there aren't any little ones running around my house, because I'm just not ready for that yet. But on holidays, I feel like I'm missing out on all the fun.

I especially love the chocolate covered peeps. That is a brilliant idea, I so want some.

esque said...

He he, great items! I'm especially fond of the egg soaps!

Avlor said...

I love the idea of a handmade easter. (tucking idea away for next year.)

Parallax said...

That would be a fabulous Easter basket! Gotta love the creativity of etsy.

Michelle Brunner said...

Oh my I love these finds! I love Easter and would put anything from Etsy into my basket:) Especially anything chocolatey!

thecozyloft said...

These are gorgeous MK! I always love your finds - they are so relevant and just toooo cute!!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your netflix...and maybe, hopefully at least a Chocolate Bunny??? :)

Much love,

Piggy said...

Great Easter picks! I love that egg soaps! Really pretty :) I hope you are feeling better.. I am kidless too! And my hubby is sick this weekend :(

Anonymous said...

i have ordered from mandi's candies and all the candies were great

Anonymous said...

oh my name is Mike Donahue from Torrington,Ct. commented on Mandies candies

CheshireCatsGrin said...

Those chocolate covered peeps are too cute!

Samantha said...

That basket is too cute and now I'm all hungry for cookies. :)

cabin + cub said...

Great easter finds! Hope you had a good easter weekend! ;)