Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trying Something a Little Different

For as long as i can remember, i have always loved to take pictures. Toting my camera around with me everywhere!

Now, i have never been that great at it! Believe me! But i just love to try!

Especially with flowers and nature. But then with opening my shop on etsy, it seems all my time is spent photographing my items for my shop.

So its been more like work, than for fun, if you know what i mean! And, granted i think i have gotten better over the last year or so.

But i still struggle when it comes to capturing my fiber pieces, verses taking pictures of flowers or landscapes. Why there would be a difference, i have no idea! lol

But, lately, i am getting back into just taking pictures for fun! And i have always loved playing around with photo editing tools, and graphics, and digital imaging.

Again, never really that great at it, but its fun for me. So i thought i would share some with you all and see what you think!

I've toyed with the idea of trying to sell some on Etsy, maybe as cards? or prints? i am not sure yet - Give me your opinions! would you ever buy anything like these?


Anonymous said...

MK!!!! I think this is a wonderful idea!!! These are spectacular and I could see them doing well for you. Plus, the most important thing? You love doing it!! That makes it perfect!!! ((((hugs))))

I say GO FOR IT!

Hollyrocks said...

I think you're great at it! I love the collages, your photos are gorgeous. They make me happy because they are so bright and sunny, thanks for that!

Almost Precious said...

Your photos are have a good eye for composition and a real talent for photography.
Follow your dream ! :)

WhatTheScrap said...

Beautiful photos, MK! I think you should go for it... it never hurts to try and those pictures are just too good to keep to yourself ;)

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh, those photo's are beautiful! I*m loving the flower ones & the ones where ya caught the steams, superb :P

Thank you for your kind words & I*m sorry for your lose too, life is so hard sometimes.

Laura Pugh said...

I like your photos, I think you do a good job. I especially like the flowers, but that's because I love flower photos. If you love photography, you out to try it on etsy. I'm sure people will help you and encourage you.

Jocelyn said...

Those are great pics! You should definately do something with them! :D

liquidsabre said...

Your photos are awesome!!! Cards and photos would be GREAT


Audrey said...

Those are amazing!!! The pics of the flowers make me long for summer.

missknits said...

thanks everyone for the encouraging comments!! i think, hope by this weekend i will be listing some of these as prints and cards. *keeping fingers crossed*

Chrisy said...

ooh yes it's fun but gosh if you're like me you can get lost in there for hours!