Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fan Me Please!

So it was 105 yesterday..... And I have no A/C! lol Been out for 2 days now. Supposed to be another scorcher tomorrow too. I have great maintenance guys, but it is the weekend, and apparently the whole unit has to be replaced. So could be Monday, Tuesday before its fixed, and we are under heat warnings! Yea, did i mention me and heat do not mix well?? lol Fun fun! sooooo trying to think cool thoughts and found these pretty cool fans on etsy!

I just loved this one! So fun, colorful. I have never seen a crocheted fan before! If i wasnt so hot, i'd give it a try! But for now, i'll just admire! Colorful Crochet Fan by Seaandlighthouse

This beautiful hand painted silk handfan is just too cool for words! modern, yet still the classic style! I just loved it! Silk Handfan by Gilbea

This still life reminded me of arizona, or new mexico where i have family for some reason - out on the hot desert. Thank god its not that hot here! Still Life with Fan by Artemisia54

And i just loved this one, very cool vintage 1950's Fan from lovintage !

Help Keep me cool - tell me a cool story, and i'll post it here!

Oh and I'm having a Heat Wave sale - 30% off everything in my shop and each order will get a super cool cotton scrubbie!


Kenzie said...

Thanks for posting my Arvin Heater fan! It was great to check out your blog.

Hollyrocks said...

This is a cute idea for a blog post on a hot day! The crochet fan is so cute, which is weird because I never would have thought that I would be calling a fan cute.

Julie @ Latherati Soap Foundry said...

Great "fan" post. Here in central NY, we have yet to get to our hottest weather...but it's coming...and we have no a/c either! Add to that, our house is old and many of the windows don't even open!

Anonymous said...

Love these fans, MK! They are so unique - you always find the neatest things!!


Quilly Nilly said...

Those fans you've chosen are fantastic, and I'm so sorry to hear about your AC issue; I'm in Memphis and a couple years ago our AC went out in the middle of summer, mid 90's and we were hot hot hot! Take care, and hopefully you'll be chillin' soon.

cabin + cub said...

Awww... that crochet fan is the cutest! I want one!