Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Brother, Bob Ross, and Random Things

Hi friends! :)

Haven't blogged in a while. And, i was being so good there for so long! So, Thought i'd play a bit of catch up. Bear with me here though if i seem a bit all over the place!

So, ok. Big Brother 11 is on! Yes, its my summer time addiction! Anyone who knows me, knows i love love love Big Brother and am totally hooked every summer! Any other big brother fans out there??? Who are you loving hating this season??? So far, i pretty much despise most of them, but its a you-gotta-love-to-hate them kind of thing!

Jessie has to go!
Ronnie has to go!
Natalie has to go!

Not necessarily in that order - but they have to go!

My hopes were that casey would make it far, but looks like his days are numbered!

Though next year, the powers that be - please put in some older, more mature houseguests! I am getting tired of the 20 somethings that act about 12! More Renny's from last season would be fun! They actually add something to the table! Please BB!!! Or or! Let america choose who gets to go in the house! Now, that would be fun!!!

ok ok i promise thats it for BB! (for now! lol )

So mom is coming into town today! (yay!) but really she's coming in to check on gramps since we moved him to the nursing home. She wants to be able to "pop" in at any moment and make sure he's being treated well and doing ok there. He's having a very hard time adjusting. Its not been easy on any of us.

But! Tomorrow we are having a "Bob Ross Paint Day"! Yay! Ok what is that you might ask - well its just like it sounds! We are going to paint to Bob Ross! lol Any of you now know who Bob Ross is?? Click Here . He is just the best! We love him, cause everything is a happy little something... happy little trees, happy little clouds, happy little bushes. He's just a fun and talented painter from the 70's with a big ol Fro! lol You can typically find his old shows on PBS.

Here's ours from last year. I couldnt remember the name of the one we painted to - but The first one is mine the 2nd one my mom's. I thought we both did a pretty good job! But funny how different they came out too.

We used to do a yearly paint day to Bob Ross, but since moving here its been more sporadic. We did do it last summer though, and it was a riot. As a kid the whole family got into, and it would always be interesting to see our end product. Cause, we all paint to the same instructions, to the same painting, with the same supplies - yet all our paintings would come out so different!

So this year we chose Summer Reflections (as seen above). We seem to do a lot of wintery scenes in the past, so something a bit greener was due! (i'll have to post our after pictures later! and compare his to ours - no comparison though i am sure) And, we are by far not artists - but its just kind of fun! And, i think, in the midst of all the turmoil and stress and worry that our family has been going through this past year, it will be good to just turn off everything, and paint!

So what are you into this summer? Any summer shows? Anything thats got your interest? Let me know!


Audrey said...

Don't watch big brother! LOVE Bob Ross - I'm jealous, would love to come paint with you!!

cabin + cub said...

LOL... i totally remember Bob Ross and his happy little clouds and happy little trees. I used to really want the fan brush when I was a kid.. he made it look like it could paint magic! ;)

:: CCB's Knit-Knacks :: said...

Oh I LOVE Bob Ross! I bought the fan brush ;) They still show re-runs here and as soon as you tune in you are instantly relaxed. x