Friday, October 2, 2009

Freak Friday Feature Eerie Embellishments Part 7

For our Finaly Freaky Friday Eerie Embellishments Feature for today, i wanted to show off a shop that well isn't quite of the ordinary! Uturn doesn't offer just typical Halloween decor! oh no! Her stuff is much cooler than that!

Like this ceramic Dirty Teeth Skull . Can't you just see that hanging on your wall!!

Or, this Freud sculpture on your coffee table! (now wouldn't that be a conversation starter!)

Or my personal favorite....

Of course, what is even better about Uturn's sculptures, is that you don't have to store them away til next Halloween, they can be displayed all year round!

I asked her what she remembered most about Halloween growing up, "My favorite thing I remember from when I was a kid, was the night before Halloween. Where I come from it was called mischief night. We would go out and throw toilet paper in the trees. This gave the neighborhood a scary feeling especially if it rained and the toilet paper got all weird." (of course in our town, we called that Teepeeing! lol and yes very mischevious! - but oh so fun! not that I would know or anything! lol)

Also be sure to check out her other site here where you can view so many of her beautiful murals and artwork!

That's it for this Freaky Friday! Be sure to Check back next week!! For Tantalizing Treats! oooOOoooo


Kim said...

How very interesting. :0) Keep up the good work Mk..


audreyscountrycrafts said...

What a great post for Friday!! It's nice to see something different - really great shops she has!
Have a great weekend.