Friday, October 2, 2009

Freak Friday Feature Eerie Embellishments Part 5

I am soooo thrilled to show you my next Freaky Friday Find!!!

Love haunted houses as much as i do?? Well how about an Etsy Haunted House??

Omgosh! How cute right??? Just adorable! This would make for a super fun centerpiece on your Halloween table! I mean, look at all the detail! The bat infested roof! lol The spiderwebs and spiders! The paint job alone! So much time and energy!

So who made this masterpiece you might ask! None other than Paperika!

Paperika shared her 2 fondest Halloween stories with me! "One year, my sister and I dressed up as grandmas--we even walked with difficulty, and spoke in cute little old lady voices! LOL....The other one, my mom took corrugulated cardboard and made "ice cream cones" and then used tissue paper to make the scoop of ice cream. Sis was, I believe, wasstrawberry and I was a mint chip cone! :)They were hilarious!" (i can just imagine!!)

You can also follow along on her blog Here!

Be sure to check back again a little later! Still more Freaky Friday Finds to come!!

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Waterrose said...

Oh that house is wonderful! It almost looks edible! Thanks for visiting!