Friday, October 16, 2009

Freak Friday Feature Halloween Costumes Part 1

Ready for Round 3 of our Freaky Friday Features???

Gearing up for Halloween.... It's time to talk Costumes!!

I know its crunch time....

You're trying to decide......

Should i be a Sexy Playboy Bunny??

Or Bring out your inner Wilma Flinstone with this Cave Woman Costume

But then you think.... what about my lil one??

He/She would make an adorable Fuzzy Fluffy Adorable Bunny??

Of Course you can find all these and more at P1xie !

P1xie recalls one great family Halloween tradition growing up, "I guess it was always tradition for us to go down to a place call Shakey Pizza in San Jose for their Halloween costume contest (my mom made our costumes) I never won but my brother did as a robot. My dad was good with electronics and his cardboard with silver fabric had lights and a robot beep. " Sounds like you came from a pretty crafty family P1xie!

You can also follow P1xie along in her journeys on her new blog eleenafashionista

Be Sure to check back later for more fun freaky features!!

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