Friday, February 12, 2010

Meet Babs the Luv Bunny

Meet Babs!!

She's just a tiny bunny ready to share her love with someone special! She loves to tell jokes and is often mistaken for her famous brother Bugs! But she never causes as much chaos as he does! She loves to watch cartoons... though occasionally i catch her watching Oprah! But, she never admits to it...

She loves to snack on carrot chips and her favorite is carrot cake of course! But funny enough, she cant stand carrot juice! So don't even try giving it to her!

She is hand needle felted with care. Her body is gray, with a white tummy and cushy white bunny tail. Her body is soft and bendable. She is about 5 inches tall standing, or 3 inches sitting.

She comes with a tiny red felted heart, ready to share with her new friend.


Erica said...

OH! MK! that is ADORABLE. I kinda love felted anything but this is especially cute.

missknits said...

aww thanks so much! needle felting can be quite addicting!