Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crazy Summer Contest Coming Soon! Sign up Now!!!

Ok folks...

thats right

Sarahinflorida.etsy.com and myself (missknits.etsy.com) are at it again! There was the Breast Cancer Awareness Contest, the Halloween Contest, the Funkyiest Contest, the Holiday Contest, 4th of July Contest... and now we bring you the


Summer/Beach Themed Contest!

This is the official sign up thread! You have til Midnight Sunday, June 6th, to sign up for the contest!

You will then have a couple of weeks to create your one of a kind item! (yes vintage is included if you have something that fits!)

Official contest and voting will begin on Monday, June 28th and end at 6pm July 3rd.

Voting will be done via my blog by a poll, (yes right here folks!) But we will have threads going in promotions, as well as promoting on twitter and facebook (or anywhere else you can think of)

There will be prizes for the Craziest/wackiest, and for the one you are most likely to buy. There will be prizes given to voters and random posts throughout the contest too!

If you would like to join our Crazy Contest please feel free to post your name below!

If you'd like to donate a prize let us know!! This is a great way to advertise your shop and have tons of crazy fun too!!

♥♥♥ Sign up Here! (ends Sunday june 6th) You will have til June 28th to create a one of a kind beach/summer themed item to vote on!
Oh - 1 entry per shop allowed! And please, if you sign up, you must help promote the contest daily! If you'd like to donate a prize just put it after your shop name!

♥♥ Signed up so far: ♥♥
Missknits.etsy.com - prize donator
sarahinflorida.etsy.com - prize donator
tanyaw85.etsy.com - prize donator
missphay625.etsy.com prize from missykay625.etsy.com

Please post below if you are interested or come visit the Thread in promotions and join in on the crazy fun!!! Click Here to join us!