Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just Stuff It!!!

Socks... stuff socks.... geeze what did you think i meant??? lol

Speaking of socks.... Have you ever seen anything as cute as this.....

This adorable sock plushie was made by BNWcraft . BNW was our 2nd winner in the Beach Summer Contest! For his Surfin Dino!

♥How did you hear about etsy? and what made you sign up?
I know etsy from one of my friend. She also is a seller in etsy. On the beginning, I am not serious on this business. I share the shop with another friend name William, therefore my shop call bnwcraft, Brian and William’s craft. But after 2 months my friend still cannot come out any craft item, and I felt he not really want this shop, so I feel he do want to continue, so I decide to continue bnwcraft by myself.♥What one piece of advice would you give a new etsy seller?
Try and wait. Try any new technique for doing craft. When the first I join Etsy, I just doing felt plush, but not any single sale. After 3 months, my housemates suggest me to make sock plush. So I learn it from website and get my first sale on the 6 months after I created my shop.

♥What feature do you like most about etsy?

Alchemy and Forum. Alchemy opens an opportunity for buyer to get what they want and for seller to get more sales. Forum is the place to share the experience and doing promotion, like in CRAZY BNR Thread.

♥Tell us about a favorite shop you have on here?
In etsy all the seller are best. I like felt, sock plush and Crocheted. The top 3 favor shop: (awww shucks, thanks bnw ♥ )

♥If money were no object - what would you buy from etsy?
Buy a personal self ink stamp.

♥What piece of yours are you most proud of?

The most proud of is the Dibo Dragon:

I took the most time to make the Dibo Dragon. It took me around 3days to finish it, and is the most big size that I have made.

I don't know about the rest of you, but i just love BNW's plushies!!! They are so adorable! He does lots of custom orders too - and it seems, from what i have seen, he can make anything you want!!

Congrats again BNW for winning the Summer Contest! Stay tuned for our 3rd and final winner THeKnitBrit - her feature is coming soon!!

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Michelle said...

Congrats BNW!!!!!
your items are all amazing and very well made!
We love the lowley doll he is super cute!!!!!

araleling said...

Congratz bnw!!!
Very lovely shop =D
Love those toothless!!!

iknow said...

Thank you so much... I would like to thank MK to post this blog.... Thank you so much......

Thanks for all support...

Audrey said...

Those are just adorable!! What an imagination :) I will never look at a pair of socks quite the same.

Steph said...

I love this seller!

iknow said...

thanks all.....