Saturday, June 4, 2011

Go Green! Handmade Contest!! Sign Up Here!!

☮☮☮ Go Green Contest! ☮☮☮


It’s a Crazy Contest – Brought to you by the Crazy Team!

My partner in crime (sweetnsourinflorida) and I have concocted a great idea for what we hope will be a successful contest. With everyone turning to ways to better the environment, we thought we would put our crafty friends to the test.

The Objective:
To create something (must be handmade) that is either recycled, upcycled, eco-friendly, or considered “green”. 50 % of the materials you use in this product must be from recycled/upcycled items! (we understand things like glue and thread and such must be new).

You will be voted based on these categories:
1.) Most Original
2.) Most likely to save the planet
3.) Most likely to buy/use

You may enter as many items as you like!

Voting will be opened to the public on my blog ( ). You will be responsible for helping to promote the contest and get voters in!

You will have til June 20th to get your entry in! You may either list it in your shop (if you have one on etsy or artfire) or simply email me a photo of your completed entry. Your entry may not be something already made/listed. It must be a new item!

Voting will begin June 21st and will end the following Sunday at midnight, June 26th. Then the top contestants will go on to the final round!

Prizes will be awarded in each category. If you would like to donate a prize please let Missknits or SweetnSourinflorida know. If you donate a prize, you will get an automatic 1 vote added on to your tally at the end! The more prizes donated, the more that will be awarded!

So who wants to Enter? Just post your shop name below! ♥♥♥

Missknits/Missdesignit – prize donor


Paratu – prize donor


iknow said...

iknow said...

Viki said...

araleling said...

Sounds fun =D
Make me wanna join too!

Phonechay said...

I will donate a prize.

in metal jewelry said...

missknits said...

welcome everyone! i have you all signed up!! stay tuned for updates!! and in the meantime start on your entries!!

Viki said...

I will also donate a prize.

Charlotte said...

I would love to participate!!

I'm Spice Grove Designs

Charlotte said...

I can donate a prize too!! :)

iknow said...

I want to donate a prize also...

Brianna said...

oh my gosh!is there a mailing list i can join to keep me posted?this blog is amazing.just found it thanks to brain's crafts,i love the idea you are going for,i hope everyone becomes more eco-aware and eco-friendly after this!