Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet Brian of BNW Craft! Our Handmade Eco Challenge Winner!

Brian was our grand prize winner from our Handmade Eco Challenge!!! He won 1st place with his sock plushies Benjamin.... How cute is he! right?!! 

I met BNW in the Etsy Forums, He joined my thread The Crazies a while back! One of the few guys on our team now, which we love that he has joined us!! He has become a friend to us all! I own many many of his plushies, from his Zebra Angels, Eve (from Wall-E) and he even made me my M&MK plushie Mascot.  His work is beyond Awesome! Everyone, no matter how old or young, should own a plushie from BNW! 

Shop Names:

Bnwcraft.etsy.com Handmade Eco-Friendly Adorable Plushies
Ssalsa18.etsy.com Upcycled and Recycled Purses, Handbags and Cases
Yourmemory.etsy.com Handmade Cartoon/Character Plushes 

Other Links to Find BNW:



Twitter link http://twitter.com/#!/iknow0102
Fb Fan Page link: www.facebook.com/bnwcraft and

He also would love to be added as a friend on Facebook click HERE

When did you start selling on etsy and what made you join?

Dec 10, 2009. My friend (araleling.etsy.com) recommended me. She is very successful in etsy now. I started off doing crafts using felt but I didn’t get any sales during the first 6 months. Which is when I was about to give up from doing crafts, my little housemates recommended me to do plush by using socks. So I just give it a try and there goes my first sale in etsy.

How did you come up with your shop name?
In the beginning, I share the shop with another friend, William, therefore I name the shop BNWCraft (Brian and William’s craft). But after 2 months, William still cannot come out with any craft item, at the same time I felt he is not interested to continue, so I decided to continue BNWCraft on my own. Then I rebrand BNWCraft as Brian and The Wonderland Craft.  (sidenote: don't you love that name!!)


What is your favorite item you sell in your shop?
My new recycle team plush, Toothless Dragon and Lowly Worm.


What is something you'd buy on etsy if money was no issue?
First I will like to buy Gray Cable Knit Hat with Huge Pom Pom from MissKnits so that sometimes at night I can wear it because nowadays I keep my hair short. (sidenote: awww thank you!!! ♥)

2nd I will buy Chibi Transformer Optimus Prime look-alike Ornament/Keychain as my transformer collection Araleling.  

3rd I want to buy Butter Cream Filled Chocolate Truffles Plain Butter Cream or Pick Any Of my Yummy Flavors because I like chocolate so much from Michellesthisandthat.  (Sidenote: who wouldnt pick chocolate from her shop! yummmm!)

4nd I would like to have a unique and fashion Copper Heart Necklace from Paratu.

What do you think is the best part about selling/making handmade items?

Handmade have already became part of my hobby. Successfully selling handmade items makes me feel happy because the art and creation that is created by me is recognized by others.

What is your favorite material to work with?
Sock, felt and fabric.


What one skill do you wish you were better at, or could do?
I wish to improve my skills in taking photo of the item. This is because through item photo, I can convey the story that I am trying to bring out from each of the items.

What is your favorite movie? tv show?
Grown ups (2010). American Next Top model and Survivor
What is your favorite Snack?
Potato chip
Tell us 1 odd/bizarre fact about you:
Six years ago, I am a meatatarian but now I am a vegetarian.
What celebrity would you love to have buy something from you?
Daniel Powter can buy my baby bear – Daniel and take it with him when he sings the song ‘Bad Day’.

BNW also wants to offer you, the readers a great discount!
Everything is 40% off in ssalsa18.etsy.com Just use Coupon code SPECIAL40 at Checkout!

Thanks BNW and Congrats again!! I hope you all enjoyed this feature! Please be sure to check out his shop and show him some love!! :) 


Kim said...

I loved the story and how it was put together.


iknow said...

Thanks MK, this really a great post. I like all the photos which selected by you. Thanks again for featured....

jessica thorn said...

omg, too adorable!!