Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The Time has come! 

Are you ready to find out all who won the Leap Year Contest??

I have to say, this was probably one of the closest contests we have had!!! So close in fact we had ties!!! 
But it was clear, that there were 3 top winners in all the categories! 

Sooooo without further ado!  *drum roll*

Woohooo!!!  Out of the 185 votes we had, they took the win!! Congrats all three!!

The 4th winner was judged by myself (missknits) sarahinflorida, jkalvarez, liquidsabre, and paratu.    We judged each entry and giving them a score that we felt best represented the over all Leap Year theme.  The winner of this category is........ ScrapCentral with her Leap Year Birthday Card !!! Yay Scrap for being the big winner!! Congrats!!

But! thats not all! We still have2 more winners to announce! As promised, one lucky voter/commenter was picked at random to win this lovely prize.....  3 lovely crocheted scrubbies by plbcrafter!

and the winner is AnneMarie!!! yay!!!! 

And, because we had so many great entries and so many awesome prizes donated, we decided to award one random entry a prize as well! Using the lucky winner of this prize is......  JenniferHannibal for her Leap for Leap Year Frog Painting!! yayaya!!! *clap clap clap*

Congrats to all the Winners! I will be sending you a message shortly with the info on what prizes you won!! 

I want to thank everyone who participated! all the entries were amazing! Such talent!! Thanks everyone for making it a huge success and now lets start thinking about our next contest!! lol 


Anne-Marie said...

Yay!! Wow, congrats to all the winners. :) The next contest should be a summer theme. lol

teoh khah swee said...

wow... thanks for your effort:)

LOIS said...

sweet things xD
Love Lois xxx

cheeky rose said...

Love the card, and congrats to all the winner