Monday, September 10, 2012

Handmade Halloween Candy Challenge 2012

Who's Ready for another Handmade Challenge?! I know i am! We had such a HUGE success with our last one, the Leap Year Challenge, We thought it was time to do another! And who doesn't Love Halloween! This year's Halloween Challenge will be quite different... as there is really just 1 main rule... Your entry must be made out of Candy! Yes Candy! nom nom nom wait! i didn't say we could eat our entries! or did i? lol

♥ Rules:
Entries must be handmade for this challenge.
Entries must be at least 75% made up of candy. (can be any kind!)
Entries are due by October 15th.

► You may enter up to 2 items. 
When signing up please be sure to put any shoplinks you want advertised with your name.

► Prizes will be given! If you'd like to donate a prize please be sure to include that when signing up! Donating is not mandatory though!

► Sign up will Close on Sunday, September, 15th.  You will then have 1 month to make your entries and submit them.
   *  Entries must be received by Oct. 15th.  Voting will last 1 week. Winners announced on Oct. 22nd.

► To Submit your entries:
You can either send me photos directly.  Or a link to where you have photos posted (Fb, flickr, photobucket, i.e.) or Feel free to list your item in your shop and send me that link.
If we have enough items listed for sale, we will do an auction at the end of the contest!

♥ Judging: Entries will be judged on:

   * Mostest Creative and Original
   * Bestest use of Candy
   * Mostest likely to be eaten
   * Too amazing to Eat!
   * Mostest Outrageous!

► Judging will be held on my blog and by Missknits, SarahinFlorida, Liquidsabre, and Angie

► Now get creative! Remember 75% of your entry must be made of candy! I cant wait to see your Gummy Bear Bags, your Candy Corn Scarves, Your Reeses Pieces earrings!

♥ Oh, Bonus points will be awarded to those that use a Halloween theme in their entry!  ♥
Join us on Facebook for ongoing chat and to see as the entries come rolling in!


  ♥  Sign Up: (add your name/shop link/ and if you want to donate a prize below) ♥

post below in comments if you want to sign up!


thecozyloft said...

Love this!! Can't wait to see all the entries!!!

Anonymous said...

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