Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Feast Your Eyes on These Delicious Entries for the Handmade Halloween Candy Challenge! 

Made by the lovely Christina of MarshmallowKidsDesigns made this yummy Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Spice Cake  with Witches Hat! Completely Edible!
Covered in Jelly Belly beans (Caramel Corn for the eyes and nose, and Peach and Pink Grapefruit for the rest of the pumpkin)

Rhonda of TheCozyLoft she made this incredible Owl all out of candy!
She named him "Spaulding". He's made of gummy candy (eyeballs), candy corn (beak). peanut butter log candies (body), and laffy taffy (tree limb). She detailed him with a little acrylic paint.

Kellie made this delicious pumpkin spice bundt cake with neon orange frosting decorate in 3 different types of candy corn, the stem is biscotti with chocolate frosting dipped in sprinkles!
Michelle's daughter, Calista (who is 9) made this awesome Candy Frame! She painted the frame first purple with green dots and then glued all the yummy candy on! sooo creative!

Missknit's Entry - Lollipop Ghost Wreath! Using dum dum lollipops and wrapping them in tissue like ghosts! over 100 lollipops to make this wreath!

Angie and her daughter Sofia made this cute Candy Corn Colored Wreath made out of the new Candy Corn M&M's

Sarahhh's Entry (aka Sarahinflorida , TheKnitBrit, SweetnSourinFlorida ) Completely edible Haunted Gingerbread House made out of chocolate, candy corn, gum drops, smarties, and gingerbread, and made to look like the warehouse from Warehouse 13 (the show!) awesome!

Brian (aka BNWcraft) has made this awesome Candy Zombie Lady!! She is made out of Life Savers Candy, and he styled her with yarn hair and a lovely red dress! (cause every zombie has style!)

Soo aka Araleling made these adorable Gummy Bear Earrings (yes real gummy bears!) But they are coated with clear nail polish to seal them in, so probably shouldn't eat them after all!
Michelle from MichellesThisandThat created this amazing completely edible Chocolate Haunted House! I'm in awe! Featuring Cookie Tombstones, Candy corn walkway, ghosts peeking out of windows and so much more!

Cathy's entry is the awesome Necklace and charm bracelet set made out of Gummy Teeth! How cool is this!

From top to bottom left to right:  Christina's Jack o Lantern Cake, Angie & Sofia's M&M Wreath, Ara's Gummy Bear Earrings, Cathy's Gummy Teeth Jewelry Set, Rhonda's Spaulding the Owl.

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:  Calista's Candy Frame, Kellie's Pumpkin Bundt Cake, Missknits Lollipop Ghost Wreath, Sarah's Haunted Gingerbread Warehouse, Michelle's Spooky Chocolate House, Bnw's Candy Zombie Lady
 Take your time, review each entry! Then VOTE!! Voting is posted on the side bar to the LEFT! Voting will be up through the weekend! Winners will be announced next week! Be sure to vote for each category and vote for as many as you like! Be sure to post comments too! Because one lucky commenter will win a prize too! I'll be posting more about those prizes tomorrow! :)  
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Erica (Caustic Threads) said...

These are all really great! What a fun post!

Adepta Sororitas said...

Candy corn seems a very popular theme in America, I think it would be totally different with people from other countries! each has different Halloween ideas.

teoh khah swee said...

love all the creation and idea..

lindsays lovely candles said...

wow how to choose! great entries :)

2justByou said...

It was REALLY hard to vote. They're all so great! =0)

Chaeli Miller said...

Lovely contest. Enjoyed voting. Thanks!