Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Meetup 3 - Creativity Happens!

Ready for Week 3 of my Blog Spot Lights? Today i want you to meet a very very dear and special Etsy Friend, Creativity Happens.  She is a jewel of a person! And wait til you see what she makes! I just adore her shop!!! 

She  makes hand painted ceramics for parties, home goods or just for fun! Modern Contemporary décor for your home. They are all hand painted in their Charleston, SC studio.
 "It has been a hobby for many many years and giving as gifts. One day I just kept painting and painting and making... WOW!!! I don't know this many people to give gifts to, what am I going to do with all this stuff! So, the selling began."
 She  found Etsy, and a few great people on there that took her under their wing and showed her the ropes. "It's been fun!" 
 ♥  Her Favorite thing to make? 
"I love my owls, all of them! Each one has a personality and they all make me smile. Let's face it, we have to love what we do!" 

 ♥  Her fave things to create with?  
" Bisque, Glaze & Crystals are my favorite materials... sometimes I even use a paint brush! "

♥  When i asked her what celeb she'd love to buy from her.... 
 "I think Vanna White should demo some of my bowls! I can just see her doing it for some reason! "  (ed:  me too!! ) 

 "Martha Stewart would be amazing with my yarn bowls! "  (ed: i sooo agree! )

 "Although,  Julia Roberts wood be so cool drinking from my travel tumbler" 

 "Wait.... OMG... how could I forget, Gerard Butler, he definately needs one of these: "

Some fun facts about Creativity:
Her Fave color?  - Too many colors to choose from! But partial to greens.
Her fave tv show? - Criminal Minds
Her  fave music/song/band ?  - Adel
Her fave quote/saying?  -  "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about CREATING yourself! "
Her  fave snack ?   -  Pretzels and cheddar cheese chunks
Her quilty pleasure?  - " I plead the 5th :) muahahahahahaha"

You Can find Creativity on Etsy at  and on Facebook under Creativity Happens . 


Anonymous said...

Awesome picks!

studiomaison said...

love the owls! visiting you from the etsy giveaways team :) great blog!


Pink said...

That yarn bowl is pretty dang cute!