Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let Me Introduce You To My Little Tiger Friend

Ok Maybe not Little! lol I am talking about http://liquidsabre.etsy.com/ I call her Liquid, or Sabre, or by her alter ego she is tigger to me! One of the very first people on etsy that i ever met in the forums. She has been a great support for me! Helping me with so many aspects of etsy and tweaking my shop to make it better. But, that is not all, she has been a great friend! Many a hours have been spent chatting and having fun, sharing ideas, thoughts and just making each other laugh.

Her talent is endless. She makes the most beautiful Jewelry! In fact i just recieved this lovely bracelet from her. (It's the black one in the center. ) She even handmade the clasp! The picture here cannot even do it justice!

She designs all her pieces using wonderful bright colors. Most of her pieces are made with silver wire, which i admit i love! I have always been a silver person. This piece here is a prime example of her beautiful work with silver. It's called Snowflake Obsidian . Which i just love her titles, or rather names! She wire wrapped the beads to create this stunning bangle. Truly beautiful!

This is a gorgeous set she made, Black Onyx Watch Bracelet Set. It was handmade with Black Onyx, Freshwater Pearls and Sterling Silver. The watch face is Silver Plated Geneva. It has a very classy and elegant look and feel to it. Perfect for a night out, special occasion, or anytime you just want to wear something special.

Her Earrings are always beautiful i think! And she always keeps a nice variety in different price ranges. I have a few pairs of hers i just love! Some that are more fun, different, and great for daily wear, like this pair here, called Tear Drop Glass Earrings are so pretty, and will go with anything!

But she also makes much more elegant earrings like her Corsette Earrings. I love the name because it sooo fits how they look! As she puts it, "Looks like the turquoise is wearing a corsette. That was the first thought I had when these were finished. " She also handmade the ear wires!
What i think i love the most is that this is a wonderful person, she will give you nothing but the best in customer service! She makes unique and beautiful pieces. And i love how she puts it (from her shop announcement): "All the jewelry I make, Belongs to someone else, not me. The hard part is finding out who it belongs to. So ask yourself, Does this belong to me or someone I know? "
Please check her out! You won't be dissapointed! And if you see a big white tiger around in the forums, say hi! That's her!
Oh and referring back to her "alter ego" she just opened up a jewelry supply shop too - called http://sabrestash.etsy.com if you ever need supplies, look her up!

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