Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Wish List

With my birthday near (yikes!!!) i cant help but think of maybe getting myself one thing special from my favorite place, Etsy. I cant tell you how many favorites i have! ohh ok maybe i can.. reallly realllly want to know? are you sitting down? because i tend to window shop a lot! and i mean a lot! lol so lets see.... (honestly i am a bit afraid to see the number myself) ok drum roll please!

Well i have over 60 items favorited (which sounds like nothing i know) but i have over 450 favorited shops! lol so in case anyone is looking to buy me a gift, well that should be no problem figuring out what i want! (*hint hint wink wink nudge nudge*)

But i thought it would be fun to share some of my top favorite items that i just might consider treating myself to on my bday.

Like ok, i have to say, this has been on my list a long long long time! It's a gorgeous bracelet called Into The Mystic Blue by Liquidsabre who also just happens to be a good pal! I just love her jewelry! And she knows i've been drooling over this piece a long time too! Believe me, she has no shame when it comes to tricking me into looking at it time and time again! lol

At christmas i was lucky enough that my dear dad gave me a most awesome purse by FunkyChicDesigns and i just have love love loved it!!! Her purses are just awesome! This is the one i have now called the Picasso Bag and its so me! But i would love another! What can i say, i love the style! Her Green and Blue Euro Bag is my new favorite i think, though who can choose just one! I've always loved blues and greens together! If you ever saw my apartment you would see this! lol

Of course i could always treat myself to something special from Kimberquinns shop! After all, what gal doesnt love bath and body stuff! She has so many wonderful things to choose from! Like this Sweet Pea Bath Salts or this Lemon Ginger Body Lotion

Now if anyone has window shopped on Etsy at all, you know there are some really awesome clothes makers! I admit to being leary buying handmade clothes though, because sizing is sooo difficult. But i still cant help but admire quite a few! Like Pink Soy Empire Paisley Print Tunic seen here by a wonderful designer Sanssoucie . I have lately become a big fan of the empire style shirt. But i just love these colors and how the hemming lays.

Of course i can't mention clothes without showing something from Wildewear's shop too! I especially love her skirts. Like the Luna Nua Skirt Dress here. So clever really, can be a cute cute skirt, or turned into a dress! But i really love her Peaceful Penny Dress. Not sure i could pull it off, but i just love the design of it! The best part of her wears are that she is totally eco friendly!

But another huge favorite of mine, that i have been eyeing for a while now, and just think is beautiful, is this needle felted piece done by
Artbydonnarose called Sunrise Needlefelted Landscape. Of course i really am loving her new needlefelted pin cushions right now too! The work she does is beyond words! I always am checking out her shop to see what new things she is making now!

Now if i ever wanted to totally splurge, and get some wonderful art, and we all know Etsy is just packed with incredible artwork! I would probably go for something in HeatherRlange's shop. Her artwork blows me away! I love the asian feel. Her work to me simplistic beauty, classic, and well i just love it! I dont know that i could choose just one piece, but if i could buy one, just one, i think i would go for this four panel print set of Mayonaka here.

But i have to say that Mattsart is a very very close second. I love the vibrant colors he uses in his pieces. They just scream alive to me! World Peace is just stunning! But i really love Clouds Trees Landscape piece. Just breathtaking!

But how could i ever just choose one of these?? Maybe i should just get lotto tickets instead, if i win, i could buy them all! lol I'd love to hear your favorites too! What would you choose?


ThePeachTree said...

That dress is fabulous! You better get it before I do!! Happy early birthday :)

missknits said...

lol thanks peach! i know i love it too!!

Kitty said...

Ooh April birthdays, yay!! I love lots of stuff on Etsy, too--isn't it an amazing place!? I'm hooked on earrings... esp ones from oceano or lakeerieseaglass. Au natural for me! I hope you get what you wish for!! :)

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Anonymous said...

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