Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother Nature Is Not Happy!

Most of my friends have heard me say this over the past few weeks. Mother Nature is Not Happy! Well, she's not! lol Let me sum it up for you in 4 easy words: Blizzards, Flooding, Tornadoes, Earthquakes.

Ok now reading that, you would think i live in some crazy town. Nope! Midwest, Missouri to be exact. But since the new year hit, we have had the craziest weather ever here! Breaking all kinds of weather records. From record snow fall, blizzard conditions (we never get), to the next day record flooding! We had snow on Easter (yes easter!) and even frost up to a week ago! Devestating Tornadoes, and above all Earthquakes! Yes, Yes i did say earthquakes! Not one, mind you, but several, with over several dozen after shocks in a manner of i think 2 weeks.

I'm just waiting for the ground to open up and swallow us all! ok ok maybe a bit dramatic here. But as i type this, its already been raining for over 36 hours straight. and more rain to come!

So what i wonder is, are odd odd things like this happening all over?? Montana getting less snow than us? Texas getting snow at all! Something screwy going on here!

All this unsettled weather got me to looking around etsy too. Curious to see if any sellers were inspired by their own odd weather patterns the last few months. I couldnt help but love this painting called Faultline - very fitting if i do say so myself, by JenMcCleary . Just love the textures and colors and depth of it.

Then i came across this photo of NYC Blizzard of '05. Now, granted i dont live in NYC, and it's '08, but still it was just as desolate here too when we had all that snow. You can find this amazing picture and others at minusfive.

Then i found this amazing picture called Here Comes The Flood by irenesuchoki . I love the colors, especially in the sky here. Almost gives it a sureal feel to it.

And, i'll leave you with this final one, called simply The Farm by toughpickle which can only make me think of saying...... We are not in Kansas anymore.


Kari said...

Awesome photographs! Isn't Mother Nature a silly beast! Never know what you are gonna get next!

Beat Black said...

apparently the world acts a little crazy every how ever millions of years, right before a mass extinction. There has been at least 5 complete wipe outs before us so I do not think that we caused global warming but I do think we've sped it up. The amount of tragedy thats been caused in the last couple weeks because of natural disasters is heartbreaking to say the least

ei! kumpel said...

I agree, mother nature must be angry because its so hot in England and it's cold in Portugal... doesn't make sense!!
Oh and the photos are amazing!

Heather said...

thanks so much for your comment on my sunflower card!! and my blog , your blog is wonderful as well :)

Thanks Heather :)