Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old World Romance

OK so i admit, i am about Boobed out here! After a month of working, promoting, making, promoting, creating, promoting, oh did i say promoting! lol the Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge, i decided that i would make a treasury just for me! Something totally non breast related, something totally not pink! So i did this one! I have to say i really love it! It was fun to make, and just such a contrasting difference from all the breast cancer awareness ones i have been doing for a month now. Now don't get me wrong, i loved doing them! I am so proud to have been a part of that contest, and so proud of all the etsians that took part, but it was just a nice change of pace for me! Plus i think all these sellers deserve to be in a treasury! i totally loved the feel they give off. Not quite Steampunk, Not quite Goth, Not quite Victorian. But, i think, a mesh of all three wrapped into one. Sometimes i feel as if i was born about 100 years too late!


kim* said...

promoting is surely alot of work :)

Anonymous said...

Amusingly enough there are still a lot of boobs _in_ the Treasury, though they're much more black than pink this time. :)