Friday, October 31, 2008

The History of the Jack O Lantern

Just a little Halloween Tidbit for you all! :)

Ever wonder where the Jack-o-Lantern came from? Who would have guessed the Irish?

According to Irish mythology there was a man known as Stingy Jack who had tricked the Devil. One result of his trick was that the Devil could never claim his soul. When Stingy Jack finally died he found that he could not gain access to Heaven either. He found himself wondering in the darkness. The Devil gave him an ember directly from the fires of Hell to help him see in the darkness. Stingy Jack hollowed out a turnip and placed the burning ember inside. Ever since that day Stingy Jack has roamed through the earth, trapped between Heaven and Hell.

The Irish people carved their jack-o-lanterns on All Hallow's Eve and placed candles within them to keep evil spirits and Stingy Jack away. Originally the jack-o-lantern was carved from turnips, potatoes, gourds, rutabagas and even beets. Irish immigrants found that pumpkins were much larger than turnips and much easier to be carved. Gradually the pumpkin became the fruit of choice for carving jack-o-lanterns.

Just thought i'd share this with you all! :)

Have fun tonight! and Be safe!!!

** Electric Jack-o-Lantern by JROriginal . Trio Adorable Jack-o-Lanterns by Sondysue . Carved Gourd by Manaturallyinspired . Happy Halloween sign by Artrussell . **


thecozyloft said...

These are soooooo much fun!!!

Happy Halloween MK!!!

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