Monday, November 3, 2008

The Countdown is On!

To get us in the Voting Mood, I thought it would be fun to feature some awesome presidential political pieces i found on Etsy.

In just less than 24 hours the polls will open and history will be in the making! Its an exciting day to me. I love it. Filled with anticipation, the not knowing, the news casts, the air is even different on voting day! And, no matter who your vote may be for this year, you have to admit it is one for the history books. No matter how it ends up, this is a campaign not soon to be forgot. We could potentially have our first black president, or our first woman vice president. And, honestly, i say its about time!

I won't state my sides here, as there is no need. I believe every person has a right to their own vote, their own belief, and their own rights. And i will never enforce mine on another. But i find it fascinating the stories that are told, the rumors that are spread, the people who follow along like sheep without fact checking first. All i can hope for is, come tomorrow people vote with sound mind, body and heart. And, can only hope, whoever does win, that we will be headed for better things.

*note: I Heart People Who Vote tshirt by likemindedpeople . Obama Briefcase by benfloeter . John McCain Montage by finalscore . Candidates Shadow Puppets by orangemoontoys .

Rock The Vote!


Emmy Lou said...

very interesting and fun items

thecozyloft said...

I totally agree - may whoever wins bring good things for all of us. Lovely blog post MK!! (((hugs)))

kim* said...

yup its that crazy day :)

Naptime Crafts said...

awesome items! we already have a name picked out. We were almost there, just needed confirmation of the sex. Her name is Brighit Mihaela!

Waterrose said...

You found some great political art on Etsy...I didn't see any of these.

Princess Alifa said...

those people are so politic