Friday, November 14, 2008

Etsy Thanksgiving Contest!

First Annual Thanksgiving Contest!

Welcome all! Participants and Voters alike! First off, Thanks to all the lovely sellers who participated in this fun contest! We hope you all had as much fun creating your items as we did putting this together!
Ok now to the Contest!
Please feel free to browse all the entries above (you will find etsy links at the bottom of this post)!

Voting will be based on item hearts.

So that means if you like an item, heart it! Its that simple!

Then at the end of the contest, Sarah and myself will go through and tally all the hearts for each item posted within the voting period to determine the winners!

We figured this will be a fun way to do it! As, if you cant choose just one favorite, you can heart as many as you like! But, please no making false accounts just to vote (we will know!)

The winners will be announced in the thread at 5pm Etsy time on Monday Evening, the 17th.

The prizes are... a Special Edition Thanksgiving Throw a Fit doll from missknits and a Plushie Turkey from Sarah.

Entries (and their actual links)
















*Note. all items will be available for sale once the contest ends Monday evening, if you wish to purchase it, feel free to convo the seller and they can hold it for you too!*


Jamie of ItsieBitsies said...

gooble, gooble!

All those fall colors - then my goofy silver do-dad LOL!

I'm so linking your bloggie-blog to mine. <3 MK

missknits said...

woohoo thanks jamie!! i love them all!!

Leslie said...

i voted!! :P

heh, about my post. its ok to laugh. Thats why i had to write it! heh & no we will be having turkey, i have to get my revenge! :D

thecozyloft said...

oh mk!! you worked soooo hard on all this!! WOW!! hats off to you my sweet friend - you should reallllly take a bow!!