Friday, February 13, 2009

Give Em Some Love Part 13

I decided at least twice a week i will spotlight shops who have had no sales (or only 1 or 2 sales) to give them a little time in the sun! They are all beautiful shops who deserve a little love! So i hope you come back and check out who i feature! You never know what favorite you might just discover!

So Welcome gpdesignsart!! I love her shop! She has a lot to offer! From handpainted silk scarves, Pearls of Wisdom Boxes, and beautiful Jewelry! (my favorite is the necklace above btw! )

♥♥♥ How did you hear about Etsy and what made you decide to start selling here?

I heard about etsy from a casual aquaintance who works at my bank and saw my earrings and told me all about it.

♥♥♥ What gives you inspiration to make your pieces?

I get inspiration from everywhere-- inevitabley the items receive a name while I work on them. I went to school for art, so I had the luxury to take multiple mediums and explore which ones worked for me. For instance, I am not a sculptor! But I do almost everything 2 dimentional there is and have a great love for textiles!

♥♥♥ What is your one true Goal/Dream?

My one true goal or dream is to be the fully complete woman that God made me to be-- glorifying Him and being true to the creator/artist, He fashioned.

♥♥♥ If there was one celebrity you could see wearing one of your pieces, who would it be?

The one celebrity-- that is a tough one. I think someone like Jada Pinkett Smith. She seems down to earth and my stuff would look amazing on her.

Thank you gpdesignsart for letting us snoop in your store for a while!! What lovely jewelry! Can't wait to see what you create next!

Also feel free to check out her blog HERE.

Yep there's more to come! Stay tuned for Part 14! Hope you all have been enjoying all these lovely shops so far! I know its been fun discovering!

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