Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Give em Some Love Part 12

I decided at least twice a week i will spotlight shops who have had no sales (or only 1 or 2 sales) to give them a little time in the sun! They are all beautiful shops who deserve a little love! So i hope you come back and check out who i feature! You never know what favorite you might just discover!

So Welcome EyesOnMeJewels !! She is a brand new seller on Etsy who makes high quality handmade wedding accessories. Her pieces truly are stunning and would make anyone feel like a princess! (even if its not your wedding day! lol )

♥♥♥ How did you hear about Etsy and what made you decide to start selling here?

One of my friends loves buying some unique handmade stuff on Etsy, she said I have very beautiful jewelry, there will be customers love them as we do. So I decided to sell on Etsy just to share our beauties!

♥♥♥ What gives you inspiration to make your pieces?

I loved creating handcrafted stuff since I was young and I learned how to make jewelry 6 years ago, then I just can not stop myself creating. I love to design some unique jewelry for office wear, but I also enjoy designing jewelry for brides, It makes me very happy to see the brides wearing my work on their big day!

♥♥♥ What is your one true Goal/Dream?

My goal is to create a brand name for handcrafted bridal jewelry in 5 years, that is EyesOnMe !

♥♥♥ If there was one celebrity you could see wearing one of your pieces, who would it be?

Jennifer Lopez

Thank you EyesOnMeJewels for letting us take a stroll in your store for a while!! What lovely pieces! Can't wait to see what you create next!

You can also find EyesOnMeJewels on her blog HERE.

Stay Tuned for Part 13! Who will be next??? hmmmmmm


Christie Cottage said...

Lovely pieces. Nice post!

I can see Jennifer Lopez wearing your pieces too!

I found your blog posted on etsy by your featured artist.

You can find me on etsy too

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful creations! Any lady would feel like a princess in them!!

Lovely feature MK!