Thursday, February 19, 2009

Give Em Some Love Part 16

I decided at least twice a week i will spotlight shops who have had no sales (or only 1 or 2 sales) to give them a little time in the sun! They are all beautiful shops who deserve a little love! So i hope you come back and check out who i feature! You never know what favorite you might just discover!

Give a Warm Welcome to whimsicality4u! I can truly say her shop doesn't just speak color, it screams color! One glance and immediately you are filled with a wonderful sense of joy from all the vibrant hues! She makes just incredible OOAK pieces!

♥♥♥ How did you hear about Etsy?

I heard about ETSY through a friend whose shop name is "mamigirlboutique." I started browsing and buying art for myself. Then I decided this would be a perfect place to make my goods readily available on a secure/easy-to-use site.

♥♥♥ What Inspires you?
I am inspired by two things mainly - 1. COLOR...I love color. I love the moods color evokes. I am fascinated by the changes a color can undergo simply by being placed by another color. But most importantly, I am drawn to the richness of color - the endless spectrum of possibilities. 2. I am greatly inspired by the "Altered Art Movement." I love to thumb through the pages of ANYTHING Somerset Studio publishes, but my favorite is their CLOTH, PAPER, SCISSORS magazine. The use of color, texture, and innovative techniques among these artists are powerful and inspiring.

♥♥♥ What is your one main Goal/Dream?
My one true goal/dream would be to live happily and find contentment in my professional life. I am blessed that I have those things in my personal life, but professionally I crave more. I'm putting myself out there a little in saying this, but I really want to be "known." I want to teach art classes at conventions. I want people to read my name and have an immediate visual image come to mind because they love my work. I want to walk in the shadows of Donna Kato and Kathleen Dustin ;)
♥♥♥ What one celebrity would you just love to see sporting one of your pieces?
For the purposes of increasing business, my celebrity of choice would have to be OPRAH. Everyone wants what Oprah wears! And to have her mention you in one of her give-away shows would be like hitting the JACKPOT. But I would be most flattered if someone elegant and classic like Meryl Streep or Kate Blanchett wore my things.

Thanks whimsicality4u for letting us sneak into your shop for a bit!!

Come back in a few days for Part 17! See who's next!

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