Monday, February 23, 2009

Give Em Some Love Part 18

I decided at least twice a week i will spotlight shops who have had no sales (or only 1 or 2 sales) to give them a little time in the sun! They are all beautiful shops who deserve a little love! So i hope you come back and check out who i feature! You never know what favorite you might just discover!

Give a Warm Welcome to Cassandra at MiniModern! She makes the most adorable custom made baby blankets and quilts! She is pretty new too still, and has yet to make her first sale, so i hope you all show her shop some love!

♥♥♥ How did you hear about Etsy?

I first heard about Etsy around a year ago and having always been into crafting I loved it instantly and started buying! After seeing so many beautiful products I became well and truly inspired to resurrect my sewing machine. After making a couple of quilts for my kids I received so many comments on them from family and friends that I decided to try selling my wares and what better place that Etsy.

♥♥♥ What Inspires you?

My inspiration definitely comes from my children, I have a daughter who is four and a son who is two. I love creating things for them and they love having things that are handmade by me, which just makes me want to make them more! I am also inspired by what I see around me, including all the beautiful fabrics out there. Also, to be completely honest I have a severe case of 'I can so do that!' when I see something whether it be skirts, cupcakes, leggings, hair clips or quilts, I just decide that I can do it, that I want to do it and I teach myself. There is a lot of satisfaction in knowing that in all the things I have made, I am completely self taught.

♥♥♥ What is your one main Goal/Dream?

I never want to make a full living from crafting, I love it too much to do it full time, it is my relief from everyday, something I do to be happy. I am currently studying to be a teacher so that takes a lot of time, which combined with being a mother and wife doesn't leave much free time, but when I am free you will find me with a tape measure around my neck in front of my sewing machine, or on Etsy! My goal is to be happy, for my family to be happy, to be a good teacher and to continue to create for a very long time.

♥♥♥ What one celebrity would you just love to see sporting one of your pieces?

The one celebrity I would love to buy my product would have to be Jennifer Garner, she seems to understand a child's need to be a child, not a model for whichever product is 'in'. My quilts and blankets are functional, they are pretty, but they also make awesome cubbies when draped over a cot or chair. My kids have taken theirs camping, they have been dragged around the house and used as play rugs, they are for children.

Thanks Cassandra for letting us sneak into your shop for a bit!!

Come back in a few days for Part 19! See who's next!

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