Friday, March 6, 2009

Fondest Memories

So i know you might be sick of seeing pics of my Uncle Mike. But bear with me one last time. I felt i had to do one last blog in his honor. I was sifting through some more pictures, and ran across these.

Probably one of my fondest memories of my Uncle Mike growing up as a kid, was when i was HIS date to our cousin Meff's wedding. (she was his cousin so my 2nd cousin or however that works). But my brother had been ill with lyme's disease so my parents had to stay back home with him. My uncle Flew all the up from san antonio to where we lived in fort worth, texas. Picked me up, and i got to be "his date" for the week.

I remember thinking it was the coolest thing in the world! I got to go out of town with out my parents and my brother didnt get to go! I got to go to Chicago, see the Sears Tower, travel all over the city just me and my uncle! I got to hang out with my ever so cool cousins and aunt (see pic above). I just thought i was the luckiest girl ever, cause i was my uncle's date. (yes that is me in the blonde hair in front oh my how times have changed!)

I was probably 4 or 5 in this one, my Uncle mike to the left and Uncle Jack to the right. I have always had the best uncle's ever! Miss You Uncle Mike!


Anonymous said...

How precious MK! What wonderful memories to fill your heart with such happiness!!

Memories like that just make everything worth the heartbreak you have when you lose someone. I'm sure you wouldn't trade those special times for anything.

What a cutie you were!!

Many hugs,

Kathy said...

So sorry for your loss...but thank goodness we have our wonderful pictures to help us heal. I love pictures and look at ours often.

Cherry Lane Jane said...

What great memories! I want someone to come take me to Chicago without my siblings. lol You were very lucky to have such a great uncle

I also think I had the same green dress that your wearing in the last picture. Love it!

WeeKnit said...

Hi MK. I'm sorry for your loss.

I have found your blog very touching.

I left a pass it forward award on my blog. If you get a chance, check it out.

Bubblelane said...

MMMMMKKKKKKKKK thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with all of us.... My best thoughts and wishes are with you... :0)