Thursday, June 11, 2009

Conversation Starter

Ok so i usually keep things a bit light and fun on here. But after having a few of my knitting friends over yesterday, well i haven't been able to get our conversation out of my head. So let me pose you these two questions.

(Soulful Eyes by Studiololo2)

Do animals have a soul?

One of my friends was very much against the thought that an animal could have a soul. I don't believe she's ever owned a pet or really cared much for animals - which is why i think she's never experienced the love, and emotions a pet can truly give you, or for that fact another animal. I, and my other friend, however, greatly feel that animals indeed have such great
depth to them. How could they not have a soul?

(Bunny Cuddle by mybunnies3 )

The conversation made me think of one particular incident from my childhood. I always had pet rabbits. We let them roam freely in the backyard - had a huge hutch my dad built for shelter. (could never cage them up! poor bunnies) anyway, i had this pair - 2 males (though we didnt figure that out til years later! lol) but anyway, they grew up together. Named them Alpha and Centauri . They lived a long life - i would say 10-12 years. One day i found Centauri, he couldnt walk/jump anymore and discovered he had severerly cut his leg that paralyzed him. Major infections. Just wasnt good. After hearing the vet said - well what all pet owners hate to hear, i knew what had to be done. I held on to him one last time and could just feel him let go in my arms, could feel him say it was ok. i know maybe i just wanted to feel it, but i did! But thats no the end of the story. Alpha, who now is left behind, totally went through mourning. He would just sit out by his tree day and night, not eat, not move. You could tell he was sad beyond belief. And within a month he too passed away. Not because he was ill, but because of a broken heart. Now, how can you say they dont have emotions, feelings, and even a soul? At least with my experiences thats how i feel.

(Puppy Love by ANJacobsen )

So let me ask you all - Do animals have a soul?
The second part of this of course being - what is a soul? Because you almost have to answer that second question in order to answer the first.

(Old Grey by BillyCurrie )

I'd love to hear your answers! I think it would be interesting to post them here too. So share your stories, thoughts, beliefs. All are welcome! Even if you disagree with me, i want to hear it! No judgements here! I promise! :)


MeAndMomsCrafts said...

I think animals have feelings just like humans. I've heard of pets not acting themselves after someone has passed on. It's like they miss them. I've seen on tv similar stories like with your rabbits only it wasn't because the animal had passed on but was just sick. Once it was better they both went back to being fine. Animals live and breathe like humans do only they're furry. Why wouldn't they have feelings? Just my opinion!

studio lolo said...

it's funny that you used my gorilla painting for this topic because that's what I painted it for on my blog! Here's the original post where you can find my answer to your question ;)

And YES, they definately do in my opinion!

BlenderBach said...

absolutely - I would say some animals have more of a soul than most humans.....

Kathy said...

We are all connected in one way or another. Animals can sense things that humans can't. I think our souls are just our inner energy and since animals have inner energy like we do...then my answer would be yes.

Audrey said...

Boy - you ask the tough questions! We are dog people, and I believe they definitely have feelings. But a soul? Not sure. My first instinct is to say no. A soul is something I have always associated with God, believing in a God, and that part of you is what goes to heaven when you die. I certainly hope there are dogs in heaven, but will I see my dog when I get there? I don't think so. But maybe!
Here's a link to another blog with an interesting animal story:

contourmysoul said...

I have three cats, and have had a bunch of pets over the years- frogs, hamsters, a fish. They all have their own unique personalities and way they do things. I do believe animals have souls. They are better friends than many humans as well :D Good post!

Hollyrocks said...

My fiance and I have discussed this issue a lot, and we came up with a theory. First I'll address what my understanding of a soul is. A soul is the essence of an individual, a combination of personality and emotions. And the reason we came to the conclusion that animals DO have souls is that you have to have a soul in order to feel love. And there is no doubt in my mind that animals feel love. I have personally seen it. I have held my cat as he curled up into my arms and looked up at me with pure love in his little kitty eyes. That is only one example, though I've experienced many situations that led me to believe that animals MUST have souls.

liquidsabre said...

Our soul is what makes us who we are as individuals, with out it we would all be drones. Animals definitely DO have souls. I think my mom jumped into my cat. (just kidding) but she(the cat) acts just like her(my mom). Just like us, each animal is a unique individual in his or her own way. The eyes are the windows to the soul. (don't know who first said that, but it is sooooooo true).

Diary of a Young Designer said...

I also agree that animals have feelings and a soul, I believe they only need to learn to speak!


LillyShayStyle said...

I like to believe they do have a soul, I know without a doubt they have feelings of all kinds. I hope to see my lost animals in Heaven one day, but I don't know if it'll happen..
It is a tough one..