Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Want Your Fortune Told?

I've always been fascinated with Fortune Tellers, Palm Readers, Horoscopes, heck, even fortune cookies! Now do i take all of it to heart - maybe not, but it's fun, right?

So thought i'd do a treasury on this! Here are just a few. But please, Go Here to Check out the full treasury and show these lovely sellers some love!

(The Reading by TheBrilliantMagpie)

(Fortune Cookie Coin Purse by bbBarry )

(Fortune Teller Favors By UniquelyCustomDesigns )

I'll post a few more of my new favorite treasuries later! So be sure to check back!

Oh And stay tuned! Details for an upcoming 4th of July Treasure Hunt on Etsy will be posted very very soon too! If you'd like to be included, please let me know!


Audrey said...

How can you be thinking about the 4th of July when we barely started June!!

You asked about the baby robin - my son put it in the bushes close to the house, but later found another one in the middle of the lawn, the dog didn't find that one thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the treasury! I clicked through and commented for you :)


Carolena said...

Love the idea of a fortune treasury. The painting is so vivid. So glad I discovered your blog.