Friday, July 10, 2009

Feelin a Bit "Felt" Up!

I usually don't promote my own stuff on here - cause i don't want it to get boring. Plus i have more fun in discovering all the amazing things on Etsy! But! I have been really getting into needle felting lately. A good etsy pal, CharmingwrenGoshengirl, suggested i try doing a needle felted pin cushion ! what a great idea!

So i made this cute little one. Meet Nora! Nora the Needle Felted Pin Cushion! Isn't she cute? with her little bow and heart ears? She just loves to help you sew! And, don't fret about sticking pins and needles in her, she really doesn't mind! In fact, don't be surprised if you hear little giggles coming from her when you do - she says they tickle! lol


So then, i had this fun idea of making needle felted pin cushion rings! After looking on etsy, this is really something not tapped into at all!

This first one is kind of funky, i think. Layers of blue, green, pink, and decorated with red lines and pink and grey dots. The ring base is also felted. But, its all thick and sturdy! So no worries, you wont stick yourself!

This Heart one i have sold and relisted already! I think my favorite one too, isnt it just sweet! In fact i think you could wear it just as a fun ring!

I also did this fun round one. Kind of looks like a bullseye doesnt it?

All the rings can fit anyone! I can also make them bigger, smaller, or different shapes and sizes. I am just getting started! Having a ton of fun with them!

Thanks for taking a peek at my new needle felt work! :) If you have any suggestions on what i can needle felt next - just let me know!

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Happy Friday all! :)


Kathy said...

Those are just so cute!

BareMoose said...


Joy De Vivre Design said...

So cute! I have always wanted to learn how to work with felt. You can make the most adorable things with it.

The Caring Infernal Warden said...

Those are great ideas! I've just started felting, it's so much fun.

Great work! Can't wait to see some more. :D

And you're welcome for the smile. Melvin tries hard to make people happy. :)

On a Roll said...

The pincushion rings are a nice!