Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tagged! You're It!

The lovely A-Lou Creations Tagged me on her blog HERE . Seemed like a fun blog post! The hard part is figuring what 10 random things to tell you about me!

1. I am a huge Big Brother Fan! ok ok , better word would be addict! It starts July 9th and i cannot wait!! Yes, i am even getting the live feeds! lol (if any of you are fans too, let me know! so we can dish!)

2. My middle name is April - yes i was named after the month i was born in! My parents are creative huh! lol

3. Speaking of birth - my bday is April 22nd, which also happens to be Earth Day (which totally fits who i am) and i love that!

4. I am not married and have no kids. Though i still hope to find "the right one" some day, i know i will never have kids. Many of my friends/family have a hard time accepting this - but since i was a kid, i always knew i would not have kids. I love them, just don't want them.

5. I collect masks - yep masks! lol i have lots all over my home - from different countries even! Japan, China, Africa, Mexico... I find something very mysterious about them.

6. I am currently fascinated by ghosts, spirits and the like. Have had a lot of experiences lately that is making me search even more about this topic.

7. My nickname all through school (and still to this day with old HS friends) is ewok (yes the furry lil guys from star wars) lol Came from a Halloween party many many many moons ago and just stuck! I don't mind so much, its kind of cute!

8. I have one brother, who is just a year older than me and i have a half sister i am just now getting to know (she found my mom about 8 years ago i guess) who is about 5 years older than me.

9. My grandfather- who means the world to me - was just put into a nursing home. He is in stage 5 Alzheimer, and its been very rough on all of us. He was one of the main reasons i moved to Saint Louis.

10. I was born and raised in Texas - the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to be exact!

Ok so now to pass this on!

This is how it will work - I now get to tag 10 other blogs. If you are tagged, then you must list 10 facts about you and pass it on to 10 others!

Kind of fun huh! At least i thought so! lol

Ok so I tag:

1. MeandMomCrafts
10. TiggerTirades

I look forward to reading all your great random facts!! :)
Its always fun to get to know a little more about the person behind the blog!

Enjoy Your Day! :)

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Anonymous said...

I get sooooo excited just thinking about Big Brother!! I can hardly wait!! Now that I know you are a huge fan, we'll be able to chat up a storm about all the goings on! Oh yayayayay!!