Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Other Venues

So have any of you been reaching out to other venues like i have lately? I don't know what's going on with Etsy, or really the lack of what's going on with Etsy, but its been so dead for me lately. Well, longer than lately. Usually the summer is slow - it was last summer, but it wasnt anything close to being this slow! And I've been trying to network really hard off Etsy, doing everything i can think of! But nadda! I was beginning to think my items really sucked. But the thing i was noticing was that nothing was getting views. Would be listed for days and not one view. How is that possible? Remember the days of listing a new item and getting like 30 hits in a couple of hours? What happened to that?

I can't help but really think all the search changes and SEO changes made in the last 6-8 months has truly affected traffic to all our shops. You'd be in denial if you don't think so.

So i started branching out. I listed some of my new hats on 2 nights ago, within 5 minutes of listing a hat it sold! I was so excited! I thought, ok! My stuff doesnt suck! So i listed more! And i didn't really promote the listings, i didn't really promote anything, and they got views, and not just one or two, but like 20-30 within a day. Not huge numbers, but compared to what i was getting on Etsy, pretty big difference!

So today i spent a good amount of time listing on Artfire too. I know a lot of you have tried them - i just never got around to it, thought maybe it wouldnt help. But again, i'm getting tons of views already! It's kind of a nice feeling to see something! Ya know?

What i also noticed, and liked, is you actually are on the front page when you list. And, not just a tiny tiny square at the very bottom - but front and square center! You are truly seen. Yes they are smaller sites, but they also advertise all over! So i can't help but think they may be better avenues.

So tell me, what sites are you venturing into? What venues other than Etsy have you had any success with? I know there are tons of others. But i don't want to spread myself too thin.

And, don't get me wrong, I love Etsy! I love the people i have met on Etsy, I love all the cool features. But somewhere over time, seems things have gotten off track there. It's just nice to know that there are other sites welcoming us in!


Anonymous said...

Hey great blog! Love the knitting! Hey do me a favor and check out my blog! I'm brand new! Thanks!

MeAndMomsCrafts said...

I've ventured out to madeitmyself just a couple of days ago when I saw you post about your hat selling so quickly. Figured it wouldn't hurt to try it. I only have a few things listed so far but they are getting a few views. Every little bit helps right?

Jenni said...

I have not ventured into other venues but I am very curious about them. Thanks for the post, do keep us updated on how it goes!

Snowbell said...

I'm currently on Folksy too (I think it's only open to UK sellers though) - I did make a few sales but not as many as on Etsy. On the other hand I tend to promote Etsy more... Not sure why!

House of Willow said...

Your shop is great. I tried artfire and found the same thing, i defo had more views.
I am going to have a look at madeitmyself.

Natalia said...

hey there,
your items are gorgeous :~
thanks for entering the giveaway :)

cabin + cub said...

i have noticed fewer view on etsy too.. but last summer was the same.. i think august is just a slower month since everyone is on holiday? hopefully it picks up soon! ;)

Pink said...

hmmm, it's always good to put your eggs in many different baskets. I have not had any sales through 1000 Markets, I will have to try some other spots too!

Audrey said...

I'm hoping sales pick up starting in Oct. when everyone is thinking about Christmas. It has been really slow all over.

CindyCB said...

You know, you're totally right! I just thought my stuff sucked and no one like it but I am literally not getting any Etsy hits any more. I wonder if it's the sheer amount of sellers on there too? You've given me the push I needed to try branching out - thank you! x