Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bob Ross Paint Day Results!

Ok, so i meant to post this like weeks ago!

I told you all that my mom was coming to town and we planned to do one of our special Bob Ross Paint Days! Something we've been doing for years! It's silly, but oh so fun! And, its a great way to just forget all our family worries for a day! (click here to see the past post for a reminder of what i'm talking about)

I think part of our problem was we were using 8x10 canvases - and he works on like 16x24 canvases. So it was hard to scale down that much. We couldn't fit it all in. But i think we still did pretty good! What do you think??

So ok, as promised here are our paintings from that day! They turned out nothing like his! lol But it was a lot of fun!

So can you tell who's painting is who's???

(i'll give you a hint.... mine looks more like a waterfall, my mom's like a river)

Hope you have a Happy Lil Day!


Valerie said...

I think they both look great. I always wished I could paint, it seems like it would be very relaxing.

cabin + cub said...

oooh the happy little clouds... and happy little trees... so awesome you have a Bob Ross Paint Day!