Friday, September 25, 2009

Freak Friday Feature Spooky Supplies Part 1

From now til the end of October i am going to be doing Fridays full of fun, spooky, scary, or just plain cute Halloween Items from great Etsy sellers!

Follow me along! You never know what Bootastic find you just can't live without! And read closely, you might find special sales and even a few giveaways along the way!!

This weeks Freaky Friday Feature Theme is all things S
pooky Supplies!

If you make Pendants, or Magnets then you will love this one!
Digicute makes these super adorable halloween collage sheets. (of course she offers more than just halloween themed!)

Some tidbits!

  • Digicute has been using Etsy for almost a year, but just recently decided to sell her own digital illustrations.
  • She also has another shop, teresa770718, that has printable scrapbook papers! But she's closing it up, so hurry now - cause everything is on sale for $1!!

  • What brought her to Etsy? "I enjoy crafts :D!! I do all kinds of crafts: jewelry, scrapbooks, polymer clays, and a whole lot more to be named :D!! Since I'm actually a computer programmer, I figure that being able to draw illustrations using computer software will be a very valuable skill. I'm constantly making designs to sharpen my skill, so I figure why not sharing my illustrations with others and at the same time making some extra money ;D."
Thanks Digicute!!


Digicute said...

Thank you so much for the blog feature :D!!! You've done a great job :D!!!

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