Friday, September 25, 2009

Freak Friday Feature Spooky Supplies Part 3


Did i scare ya?? lol ok good!!

Cause these tags and cute cards from PLBCrafter are nothing to be scared about!

In fact they are down right cute!

Wouldn't these tags be perfect for all your Halloween orders? Or even to tie around your Halloween goodies that you pass out??

Or how about this bat card?? Something fun to give a teacher maybe? or to say Happy Halloween to a friend or coworker!

Plbcrafter said her favorite Halloween memory was when, " My parents and I did a haunted barn that benefited Hospice for several years. All of my favorite Halloween memories revolve around putting on make-up and a mask and scaring the heck out of people for charity! It was so much fun. Once I scared someone so badly the poor woman peed her pants. My parents and I were very proud." lol as they should be!! lol

PlbCrafter has been kind enough to donate a sample mix of her fall tags as a giveaway! Just comment below a fond Halloween memory, or something you love in her shop here for a chance to win them!

I'll draw a name at random on Friday Oct. 2nd! But be sure to comment or can't win!!


SKnights Art Photography said...

MK: My best memory of Halloween is being out in the evening and smelling the leaves. That unique smell always brings back happy memories.

Digicute said...

Wow, thanks for the giveaway :D!!! I like all of her mini albums, but I especially love the flowery flip up mini album!! It is lovely!!

bagsnstuff said...

Hellloooooo ----- BOOOO BOOOO

I like the cute pumkin stand up card... in PLB's shop...and many other cards too and her tags are real boooietful too...

Dianna -- bagsnstuff

Kim said...

I would say these butterfly cards are one of my fav listings in PLBs shop...

Kim (KimsBeads)

Anonymous said...

I grew up in VT where you had to wear your snowsuit under your costume and hope someone would let you warm your hands between houses! These days I have over 1000 trick-o-treaters at my village home each year. The street is so popular and it all happens for about 2 hours and then its done. It looks like mardigras. The surrounding townspeople bring their rural kids in to the well lit and fun sidewalks for fun and treats.Hope I win, sure could use some extra special treats!

missknits said...

Just a reminder for everyone entering the giveaway! please leave a way for me to contact you in case you win! :)

drawntoletters said...

Ok, I am not anonymous. I am the former VTer with 1,ooo trick or treaters lady. I also have new Etsy business. I will have fun greeting cards for you knitters up there soon in with all my illustrated baby alphabetbooks/prints.Thanks for the fun here.