Friday, October 2, 2009

Freak Friday Feature Eerie Embellishments Part 3


Can you imagine getting one of these fun filled treat boxes on Halloween?? Oh I can!!

PaperAcorn makes these Awesomely Adorable Trick or Treat boxes, perfect for your friends, family, party guests and so much more!

Or maybe you are still looking for that last minute decoration for your home or office party? Or stuck in a cubicle all day? Spice it up with one of these freaky faces banner!

I love what she had to say in her profile about how her shop name came to be! "The Paper Acorn box is an original design; inspired by those marvelous little nuts that grow up to be the mightiest of trees. I think of the acorn as a symbol of something that can be so small and seemingly insignificant, and yet one day will become a strong, well-rooted and sturdy immensity." Well said!

You can also follow Paperacorn at these great places!
Her other Etsy shop: libellus

A little blog: paperacornboxes

On Flicker Here

Or On Twitter Here!

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