Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finalist! Vote Now For Best In Show!!

VOTE!!!    VOTE!!!    VOTE!!!!

Here are the finalists, in order as specified by the Voter at the left side.  

CreativityHappens Confetti

SpiceGroveDesigns Cafe Mocha Scented Mug

BNWCraft's Upcycled Sock Plushie Benjamin

SweetnSourinFlorida's Organic Pickles

PhoneChaysCreations Plarn Plastic Bag Holder

CakeorDeath5's Matching Tshirt Tote and Purse Set

Please be sure to cast your vote! Vote often and as many times as you like! Get your friends and family to vote!! 

Voting will close Sunday, July 3rd.  Winners and Prizes will be Announced July4th!!! 

And Be sure to comment! 1 lucky poster will win a prize too!


Linda B said...

I think all the entries are wonderful.

iknow said...

Thank you so much... I am so happy to be in the final list... Thank you for all the support, and thanks MK for having this wonderful contest...

Charlotte said...

Thanks so much for letting us be in this wonderful contest!! Such an honor with such awesome artists!! Thanks MK!! :)

sunshineappleb said...

Awesome items! Good luck all.

Inactive said...

YEAH for recycling :) xoxo

Votes are welcomed for my confetti :) hehe

Mattos said...

great job everyone
love seeing eco projects
hi to all my friends
hugs Deana bellacosaart

mroses said...

love that sock plushy benjamin! so cute!!!!

Dovetail said...

What a wonderful contest!!! Great items from such amazing Etsians. Congratulations everyone!