Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prizes!!! See what's Up for Grabs!!

So have you been wondering what the Prizes are for the Handmade Eco-Challenge?

Huh? Have ya? Huh huh?? 

I know! i'm such a tease huh! lol

Ok, here's a sneak peak at some the prizes!! 

And please show some love to the awesome people who donated prizes by clicking on their links below!

Not Pictured above:

Plus - the top 3 winners will get a blog feature and Etsy mini added to my blog.  

Talk about amazing prizes!!! thanks everyone who donated!! 

Don't Forget, comment on any of the Eco Challenge blog posts for a chance to win a prize too! 


Kim said...

Fun contest lots of wonderful prizes.

kim bubblelane

LizardQueen said...

Fantastic prizes everyone! ☺

Wyldcat said...

Awesome looking prizes.

Dovetail said...

Amazing selection of eco friendly products!!! You are all so creative for such a great cause!! Everyone is a winner ☺

iknow said...

Great Contest.....