Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Thank you Everyone for coming out to Vote in our Handmade Eco Challenge!

Today is the day we find out who our Finalists are to go on to the next and last round for overall Best in Show!! 

We had over 300 Votes! and over 700 views this week!! Way to Go Everyone!!!! 

Ok Are you Ready? Who made the top 3 in each category??? 

Drum Roll Please!!!! 

Most Likely to Use/Buy: 
SpiceGroveDesigns Cafe Mocha in 1st place with 14 votes
CreativityHappens Confetti came in 2nd with  11 votes
Benjamin by BNWCraft tied in 3rd with 9 votes
SweetnSourinFlorida's Organic Pickles tied in 3rd place also with 9 votes

Most likely to Save the Planet:

CreativityHappens Confetti came in 1st place with 12 votes
SpiceGroveDesigns Cafe Mocha came in 2nd with 11 votes
PhoneChaysCreations Plarn Plastic Bag Holder came in 3rd with 8 votes

And! In the Most Original Category:

CreativityHappens Confetti tied for first place with 16 votes
SpiceGroveDesigns Cafe Mocha tied for first place also with 16 votes
Benjamin by BNWCraft came in 2nd with 10 votes
CakeorDeath5's Tote and Matching Purse came in 3rd with 7 votes

Congratulations Everyone!!!!

You all have moved on to the final Round! Voting will be up shortly and will last until Sunday, July 3rd  when the Grand Prize winner will be announce and all prizes will be awarded!  Stay tuned to find out what prizes were donated!

Watch for voting on the left hand side to be up soon!!!


sunshineappleb said...

Congrats everyone!

iknow said...

Thanks for all the support, and congratulation for all the final list...