Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Get Your Vote On! Handmade Eco-Challenge!

Now's the Time!! You've waited for 2 weeks, worked hard, created one of a kind pieces! And now it's time to Vote! 

Voting is open to anyone.  There are 3 Categories you will be asked to vote in:

1.) Most Original
2.) Most likely to save the planet
3.) Most likely to buy/use

You may vote for more than one item.  Voting will last Til Monday, June 27th.  When the top placers in each category will move on to be voted on for Best Overall to win the Grand Prize! 

Below you will find pictures of each of the entries, if they were listed on etsy, there will be a link provided.  Please vote fairly, and spread the word!!! Everyone did such amazing jobs on their entries, lets get them seen!! 

Wire Wrapped Sunglass Earrings and Lens Pendant Set by SarahinFlorida

Confetti by CreativityHappens

Double Romance's Iphone Case by Ssalsa18
Benjamin - Angel of the Sea by BNWcraft

Edward Scissorhands Tote and Matching Handbag by CakeorDeath5
Organic Dill Pickles by SweetnSourinFlorida
Upcycled Happy Muddy Lil Piggie Ring by CalistaCreations
Upcycled Tshirt Pillow by CalistasCreations
Cafe Mocha Scented Coffee Mug by SpiceGroveDesigns
Camp Fire Starters by MichellesThisandThat
Deluxe Reusable Lunch Set by Wyldcat
Eco-Friendly Green Tshirt Neckwrap by Missknits
Plarn Plastic Bag Holder by PhoneChaysCreations
Upcycled Green Glass Pendant by InMetalJewelry
Water Bottle Holder Made out of Plarn by Missknits
Upcycled Wire wrapped Glass Pendant by InMetalJewelry
Vegan 100% Soy Candle with Wood Wick by MichellesThisandThat
Recycled Blue Glass Sun Catcher by InMetalJewelry

Upcycled Azure Ocean Blue Pendant by InMetalJewelry

OOAK Recycled/Upcycled Art by RubySweetPea
Upcycled/Recycled PinWheel Decoration by Araleling

Voting is Now OPEN!! See the Polls to the Left to Cast Your Votes!!.  And Stay Tuned for a Sneak Peak at all the Great Prizes Donated!


Wyldcat said...

All entries are awesome...was hard to vote

lindsays lovely candles said...

prizes where i want them all!!! mwahahaha LOL

AWESOME entries, was hard to pick just 3

Charlotte said...

Such amazing entries!!! Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity to get our recycled designs shown!! :)

marcenebt99 said...

I did vote more than once because I just could not decide. oooh. This was a great idea MK.

Anonymous said...

benjamin is so cute!!:) but still hard to decide..

marcenebt99 said...

I am commenting through my supplies shop this time
I liked several things so I voted 3 times

Anonymous said...

The piggy is too cute. BTW, So I've started to venture out of Etsy land to see if I might be able to grab some sales for my cause "project CAN you help ?" on blogger. I've not had but one post from one reader and am looking to gain a following for my blog which will refer some people back to my Etsy shop and maybe other shops as well. If you would like to partake in my venture and you're on blogger; please follow my blog listed here projectcanyouhelp.blogspot.com/ and I'll return the favor.

Thanks Friends,
Levi & DeAnna

Kim said...

Love so many it was hard to choose.


Dovetail said...

What a great concept! Wonderful items and so hard to choose a winner!!! I love all the reduce reuse items - very creative. Thank you for sharing.

sunshineappleb said...

The octopus is adorable