Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Handmade Eco Challenge - the time has come!

Today's the Day!! 

Did you sign up? Did you get your entry in? I hope so! Cause today's the Day for voting to begin!

You still have a couple of hours if you forgot to notify me of your entry - do it now! post it below, send it to me on Etsy (as Missknits) or on our Facebook Event page - everyone has been posting their entries there! 

There are several who signed up, but i never heard back from  - please be sure you let me know what your entry is if you havent already!! 

I'll have the voting up in just a few hours! So stay tuned!!!!


Clear Lake Creations said...

Love the
Organic Dill Pickles by SweetnSourinFlorida


michelle said...

such great entries from all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

samantha said...

great stuff!
i made my votes, how does one sign in to participate for these contests?